Inspiration from Smartling

I recently received a prospecting email from Smartling, with a really nicely designed signature line graphic.  The white top makes it look seamless with the email.  I am not attending Adobe Summit, but thought I’d click to see what happens.

The link sent me to a landing page where I could request a meeting.  The landing page was a clean, vertical design with a very short form – two spaces.  Simple.  I had a quick overview of the company and details about their booth.  The landing page also matches the signature graphic, which makes the process feel cohesive and intentional.

Smartling Landing Page

I typed in my personal email to see where it would take me and I got the best marketing error message I’ve seen.  “Please enter your business email address.  This form does not accept addresses from”

Smartling Error

Finally, when I went to their main website, guess what I found at the top of the page?  Another invitation to book a meeting.  Hard to miss, yet non-intrusive.  Wow.

Meeting Request Banner

Food for thought for anyone looking to drive success through conferences by scheduling meetings with real professionals:

  1. Keep it Simple.
  2. Everything should match and be cohesive.
  3. Maintain a clean email list with validated contacts.

From one B2B marketeer to another, well done Smartling.  Well done.